Online cooking classes


Pierogi & More online cooking classes are a perfect option for those, who want to discover Polish cuisine in their own kitchens.

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Polish dumplings


Gingerbread cookies

Comfort food

  • fully interactive online culinary experiences with an experienced chef
  • available in English, Polish, French or Spanish
  • live-streamed on zoom
  • multiple connections available (you may connect from different places)
  • suitable for all ages, skill levels and group sizes
  • comprehensive recipes sent by e-mail after the class

NOTE: before the class you will receive a detailed list of ingredients and utensils you need to prepare before the workshop. Then, recipes will be sent the day after the class.

Please, contact us, if you have any questions:

online cooking class
online cooking class – Polish dumplings
gingerbread baking class
virtual gingerbread baking class
online cooking class - liqueurs
virtual liqueur workshop – Polish liqueurs online!

Most of these classes have offline equivalents, please, check options here.

To find out more about the Polish cuisine, please, go here.

Online cooking classes – a novelty for everyone

Pierogi & More has help online culinary workshops since March 2020. At the beginning, it was difficult for us to translate the offline workshops into a virtual experience. Firstly, I missed the personal contact with the guests. Offline classes are all about sitting together at the table and taking pictures to commemorate this special event. Different time zones also posed a challenge. Guests from Japan wanted to have a class at 6 am, while those from the US, prefered 10 pm. It was therefore a bit difficult to adapt my daily schedule to everyones time zone:-). Lastly, some minor technical problems occured. Mobile phones falling from the tripods seemed to be a norm. Nowadays, both myself and the guests have both overcome these obstacles and Pierogi & More online cooking classes obtain highest scores on Tripadvisor.

The online classes usually last between 2 and 3 hours. Unless there is another class booked just after yours, I am happy to spend as much time with the guest as they wish.

Aftert the workshop you will be asked to post a review on Google or Tripadvisor.