Frequently asked questions

Can I book a private culinary course at Pierogi & More?

Of course, please send an e-mail to pierogiandmore(at) with the date, number of people and type of classes.

How many instructors are running the courses?

The number of instructors depends on the number of participants. For 1 to 3 people.

culinary course
culinary course

Can the workshop be held in other languages?

Yes, all instructors are fluent in English, we also know French and Spanish. And Polish.

What is the maximum number of participants in a private culinary course?

We can host up to 40 people, but the largest comfortable (for both parties) number is 30 people.

How many places are there in open workshops?

Up to 20 people, it can rarely happen that we host one or two more people.

Can children participate in the activities?

We welcome children from 8 years of age. Smaller children? Please sign up after consulting with us. If you want to bring really small children, such as those in prams, also no problem, but we suggest booking a private workshop.

Can children come for free?

Full price is charged for children, who participate in the workshop. Babies in trolleys come for free of course.

culinary course
culinary course

Can I take a culinary course after it has started?

If there is a risk that you will be late for open class, write us a message. After starting the workshop, we do not answer the phone. Knowing that some of the guests will arrive later, we can complete some of the tasks for them, which will allow them to join the class at a later stage.

Private workshops? As a rule, we adapt – within reason – to the guests.

Dietary requirements at a culinary course

Which workshops are suitable for vegetarians?

All workshops are suitable for vegetarians as long as you specify when booking that you wish a vegetarian option.

Which workshops are suitable for vegans?

Dumplings and liqueurs (if you accept honey). In other workshops (pasta, gingerbread, Christmas Eve) we use e.g. eggs.

Which class can I book if I am allergic to gluten?

Unfortunately our flagship classes: dumplings, gingerbread cookies or Italian pasta. are not suitable for people allergic to glute. However, if you book a dumplings class, you will learn to make pierogi, but we will arrange for something else for you to eat. Liqueurs workshop is always an option.

Cancellations, changes of dates

Can classes be cancelled on the side of a guest?

Each open culinary course has a free cancellation period set. If cancelled before this date, the entire amount will be returned to the card with which the payment has been made. If you cancel after this date, no refund is possible. Some courses have no refund possible policy (Flavours of Polish Christmas).

Private culinary courses cannot be cancelled, because the whole venue is reserved for this particular event. In some cases, it is however possible to change the date of the cooking class.

Can I change the date of open classes?

Yes, you can change the date of an open class, but only until the end of the free cancellation period. These points are set differently for different types of courses. It is related to the different length of time that we need to prepare the workshop: from 2 to 4 days. some seasonal courses are non-refundable (eg. Christmas classes).

Gift cards for culinary courses

How can a gift card be redeemed?

Using the voucher code, the recipient can book a convenient date online by selecting options in the calendar and entering the gift card code. You can also write us an e-mail and make an appointment for a specific date and time.

Vouchers can be used for each open culinary course – Polish dumplings class. When sending or handing over a voucher, it is worth providing a link to the Calendar of our open workshops.

More information in the gift card section.

Can a gift card be returned?

No, the gift card cannot be returned/reimbursed.

How long is the gift card valid?

3 months. In justified cases, we can extend its validity.

Other questions regarding a culinary course:

Can dogs be brought in?

Yes, dogs are welcome. However, please let us know that you are coming with a pet, so that we can inform other guests. Someone may be allergic.

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