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Indulge in a culinary adventure at the finest cooking class in Warsaw, conveniently situated near the historic Old Town and Polin Museum. Immerse yourself in the art of crafting delectable pierogi, the iconic Polish dumplings, and savor the renowned nalewki – fruit liqueurs.

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cooking class in Warsaw
Cooking class in Warsaw

What’s included in Pierogi & More cooking class?

  • cooking instructions: 2 or 3 hour class
  • lunch, dinner and drinks or tasting, depending on the class
  • recipes via e-mail
  • link to pictures taken during the class
  • personalised certificates
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Why Pierogi & More cooking class?

  • convenient location close to the Old Town and the Polin Museum
  • small groups, private classes upon request
  • flexible starting times
  • vegetarian and vegan options available
  • workhop fully equipped with all necessary utensils
  • group reductions
  • classes available in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Polish
  • friendly atmosphere

Polish your kichen!

Polish your kitchen has just joined forces with Pierogi & More. The newest cookbook by a well known blogger and culinary writer Anna Hurning is available for sale in our workshop! In case you cannot make it to Stawki 3, you can purchase the book on Amazon or on Polish your kitchen:

Practical information:

Convenient location

Pierogi & More are conveniently located close to the Old Town and the Polin Museum. Hence, within a short walk from the top tourist attraction, our class is probably the most accessible of all culinary things-to-do in Warsaw.

Cooking class group size is the key

We cater for small groups mainly, so an individual approach is always possible and it is applied. The maximum number of participants for an open class is only 10. This makes this tourist attraction a very cosy. We also encourage guests to book a private cooking class in Warsaw . Therefore, family atmosphere and individual approach to dietary preferences are guaranteed. Ask for a quote for a private class at

Schedule your cooking class!

Flexible starting times makes our tourist attraction a good option for those who have a tight schedule duting a citybreak in Warsaw. Still, it sometimes may happen that the suggested starting times do now match your intinerary. In this case, feel free to contact us to schedule a private class for you and your friends or family.

Dietary preferences

Vegetarian or vegan is not a problem for us: the owner is a vegetarian! In order to make sure we are capable of hosting you safely, send us your dietary preferences. We would also appreciate, if you sent us the list the products you are allergic to. Pierogi & more can caters for almost every diet.

We prepare ingredients for dumplings separately and the participants can select their own combinations of fillings for dumplings. This is a perfect solutions for guest who do not like certain food or are allergic to products. Therefore, our tourist attration is fully safe.


The venue of this cooking class in Warsaw is fully equipped with all necessary utensils. The list of utensils includes: rolling board, rolling pins, dough cutters and bowls. Moreover, cutlery and plates are provided. To sum up: the venue has all the items necessary to host a group of 40 participants.

Corporate events

corporate events or a tourist activity? We are both. More importantly, company culinary class are a big part of our operations. Therefore, please, ask for a quote for your next company get together: We are capable of hosting up to 40 people. To find out more, visit the corporate events section.

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culinary class in Warsaw
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dumplings cooking class in Warsaw

It is all about dumplings!

The Polish food cooking workshop will introduce you to the most popular Polish dish – pierogi. However, they were not invented by the Poles! Originally the arrived to Europe from China. In other words, they stay in line with many other useful inventions, such as paper or gunpowder. Chinese dim sum were the first out of a long list of meat or veggie filled wheat pastries known today. Everyone knows tortellini, ravioli, chinkali, pielmieni. Many of us forget, though, they are all distant relatives of Polish dumplings. Dumplings were cheap to make, therefore they became a very popular poor people’s food worldwide. As a result, their popularity spread throughout the globe. And consequently, they became number one comfort dish worldwide. No wonder the Pierogi & More cooking class in Warsaw is popular among people who visit the Polish capital.

A spoonfull of history of the most famous Polish food

The dish made its way to Polish tables in 13th century through Ruthenia, a region around Kiev. This region belonged to Poland until the beginning of WW2, but now it is a part of Ukraine. Most Poles do not need a cooking class to learn to make dumplings, because they wholeheartedly believe they were born with this skill:-). Above all, there is a grain of truth in it. Everyone who grew up in a traditional household had dumplings made by a grandmother. Consequently the tradition of pierogi making is deeply rooted in our culture. Accoring to a legend Saint Jack Hyacinth of Poland fed the poor people with pierogi. So pierogi have their own saint!

A word of mouth

The word “pierogi” is already in plural, therefore, please, do not say “pierogis”, “pieróg” is for single. The name derives from: an old slovian word „pir” meaning a feast, party, merry gathering. In conclusion, one can say, a plate of dumplings is the first choice party food.

Everybody loves Polish food, especially the dumplings! Why?

  • First, dumplings are the most famous comfort food in Poland. Comfort meaning – no comfort for the cook, rather labour of love.
  • Secondly, dumplings are cheap, at least the veggie version
  • Thirdly, dumplings have hundreds of varieties and are very universal – you can put inside whatever you like – and prepare a dinner for meat lovers and vegetarians at one go – you can prepare a bowl or different varieties
  • Any other reasons?
  • You can make use of left overs (like pizza, pasta, ravioli, samosa, quiche lorraine and other poor people’s food)
  • Dumplings go as a starter, side dish, main course, snack, in a soup and as a dessert!
  • They can be cooked and then fried, deep fried, baked or even grilled to achieve crispy crust
  • You can easily tint the dough with artificial food colours or natural ingredients (beetroot juice)
  • It is number one Christmas Eve dinner dish in Poland: with sourkraut and dried wild mushrooms or with poppy sead or little dumplings with mushrooms in beetroot soup
  • Nowadays extravagant stuffing and fancy toppings to turn this simple dish into a gourmet delicacy, with which you can surprise your guests at home.
  • and many more reasons to love Polish dumplings…
  • book a cooking class in Warsaw to find your own reason to love dumplings!

Kup Bilety!