Pasta Cooking Workshop


pasta cooking workshop
pasta cooking workshop

Book a pasta cooking workshop and learn how to make the famous Italian hand-made pasta in 10 most popular and fun shapes. Have a tasty meal at the end of the workshop and transfer yourself into a sun-lit terrace of a ristorante in Italia…

Get to know how to knead and roll a semolina dough. Then, make friends with a pasta machine and learn to form the pasta shapes with your hands. Later, discover techniques to form tortellini and ravioli. Then, get to know the most popular dumplings fillings and sauces. At the end, practice the pronounciation of tongue twisting Italian names of the pasta shapes. You will, therefore, feel at ease ordering a dish next time you visit an Italian restaurant. After you participate in our Pasta Fresca workshop, orechiette, farfalle, cappellacci, papardelle will simply have no secrets for you.

ideal for families and perfect for corporate events

Ideal for families with children! First of all, making pasta improves manual skills, therefore it is a perfect excercise for kids. Moreover, they learn how to design pasta and improve creativity. Last but not least, children practice basic cooking skills. A culinary workshop is also ideal for family integration. Take pictures to commemorate this for your family photo album! At the end of the class you get to take home a lot of extra food. Therefore, bring a large paper box – pizza box is ideal!

Recommended as an event for employees. At the end of the class, we select the best designs and take a picture of all the creations. We have beverages in the venue, so you may order drinks. Pierogi & More is a registered company, so VAT invoices can be issued.

available times: 10 am, 12.30 pm, 5.30 pm / duration: 2 hours / size of class: 8.

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pasta shapes - cooking workshop
selection of pasta with parsley
pasta cooking workshop
cappellacci -pasta cooking workshop
pasta cooking workshop – tortellini
tortellini pasta cooking workshop
pasta cooking class
pasta ripiena
culinary workshop
dough with basil leaves
sheets of pasta
sheets of pasta with basil leaves
italian pasta class
selection of pasta shapes
selection of pasta

This class does not have an online equivalent, but if you wish to learn how to make other dishes through zoom, click here