Italian pasta – world’s best comfort food!

Book a pasta cooking workshop and learn how to make the famous Italian hand-made pasta in most popular and fun shapes. So, have a tasty meal at the end of the workshop!

Pasta cooking workshop is a private event ideal for the special occasions:

  • birthday party for kids (over 8 yo), teenagers and adults
  • corporate events
  • bachelorette and bachelor parties
  • any other special occation for Italian food aficionados
italian pasta cooking workshop
Italian pasta cooking workshop

Hightlights of Pierogi & More pasta cooking workshop

  • get to know how to knead and roll a semolina dough
  • make friends with a pasta machine
  • learn to form the pasta shapes with your hands.
  • discover techniques to form tortellini, farfalle, tagliatelle, papardelle, ravioli and many others.
  • learn to pronounce difficult Italian pasta names
  • discover the history of pasta
  • enjoy a tasty meal at the end of the class!
  • get a certificate

What’s included in the pasta workshop?

  • 2-3 hours pasta cooking workshop
  • tasty meal
  • a lot of extra pasta to be taken home for later, so bring an empty pizza box
  • link to pictures taken during the class
  • recipes by e-mail

To book contact us: After having agreed the date and time, we will open up an availability so that you can book online with a credit card. There is a small booking fee. If you wish to avoid it, you may pay with a bank transfer.

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pasta workshop
warsztat kulinarny

Practical information about the pasta cooking workshop:

  • duration: 2-3 hours
  • prices vary depending on the number of participants, starting from 100 zł per person
  • recommended size of class – 8 people. 20 is the maximum number of participants
  • recommended for children over 8 years of age. However, if your children are younger, please contact us.
  • drinks can be ordered at the venue, so, please contact us for more details

Vegetarian option is possible. No vegan option is possible, sorry, because the dough contains eggs. If you wish a vegan class, please, book our dumplings workshop and put up a note that you wish a vegan option.

Ideal for families!

Pasta cooking workshop is simply ideal for families with children! First of all, making pasta improves manual skills, therefore it is a perfect excercise for kids. Moreover, they learn how to design pasta and improve creativity. Last but not least, children practice basic cooking skills.

Perfect for employees integration

A culinary workshop is also ideal for corporate events. You may even order pasta in the colour of your company’s logo! Moreover, contests with prices can be organized. Last but not least, drinks or desserts can be ordered additionally, so contact us for more details.

Pierogi & More is a registered company, so VAT invoices can be issued.

pasta cooking workshop
cooking pasta ripiena
Italian pasta culinary class
heart-shaped pasta
pasta cooking workshop
cooking class italian cuisine
cappellacci - pasta cooking workshop
pasta cooking workshop – tortellini
pasta cooking workshop - Italian cuisine
pasta hearts
pasta cooking class
farfalle – italian pasta
pasta workshop
pasta class
Italian pasta cooking class
Italian pasta shapes

This class does not have an online equivalent, but if you wish to learn how to make other dishes through zoom, check Polish dumplings online class.

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