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Buy a gift card and send or hand it to someone special!

Gift card – a perfect present for a foodie

A gift card is equivalent to a ticket (or tickets) for an open Polish dumplings cooking class. The person who gets a voucher may choose any open workshop. He or she can save the seat using the code given in the confirmation of the purchase of the voucher. It is, therefore, a perfect solution, if you want someone to take part in a class, but no specific date is known. A voucher is valid 3 months. Some periods of the year are very busy, hence, we recommend not to wait until almost the expiry date.

After we obtain a notification of your purchase, we will contact you to ask about the details. For instance you may wish to put a name and occasion on the voucher. We will then generate a voucher in a PDF format and send to the person, who purchased the gift card.

Please, contact us, if you wish any further assistance with purchasing a gift card.

gift card
gift card may be used for offline and online classes

How to use a voucher to pay for a class

To book an offline class with the voucher please, go to Polish dumplings open class section of the calendar. The system will ask you to type voucher number in the payment field. If the class that he or she selects is cheaper than the value of the card, no reimbursement is possible. In case a guest wants to choose a more expensive option, we recommend contacting Pierogi & More. No refund is possible for the voucher and all sales are final.

gift card
voucher for a liqueur class
gift card for a cooking class
foodie experience Warsaw – buy a gift card

If you wonder which classes we offer in, visit cooking classes Warsaw page. Please, note some of the options are available only as private classes. Therefore, please, contact us before you purchase a voucher with a specific class in mind.

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