Tarte Flambee or flammkuchen

Alsatian pizza, or tarte flambee, is a close cousin of Italian pizza. Faster to prepare, on a thin pastry, with slightly different toppings. Unlike classic Italian pizza, the dough doesn’t require 24 hours to rise. In principle, it can make for a whole meal: depending on the toppings, it may also be served hot at gourmet dinner. On the other hand, when served cold, it will be an excellent snack accompanying cold drinks, wine or beer. Alsatian pizza is great for summer picnics, eating it doesn’t require a plate! Toppings can be easily adapted to the season and the preferences of household members or guests.

Alsatian pizza is the perfect dish to cook together with employees, customers or just friends. A classic “comfort food”, in addition, one that is shared at the table. We truly recommend it for corporate events.

Where does tarte flambee come from?

Alsatian pizza is a classic dish of Alsatian cuisine. Alsace is a region that belongs partly to France (tarte flambée) and partly to Germany (Flammkuchen). At the crossroads of these culinary cultures, we can find many interesting dishes, including Alsatian pizza. The names in both languages can be translated as “baked flatbread”.

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The origin of the tarte flambee

Originally, a thin piece of dough smeared with cream was used to test the temperature in a bread oven, it was a kind of ‘thermometer’ at a time when ovens did not have built-in heat meters. Soon, this practical way of setting the temperature in the oven evolved into a stand-alone dish – the Alsatian pizza, which, like the Italian pizza, was of plebeian provenance. You can read more about this dish here.

Practical information

  • duration: 2-3 hours
  • minimum size of class – 10 people. 20 is the maximum number of participants for this workshop
  • not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
  • drinks can be ordered at the venue, so, please contact us for more details.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options available
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