Dumplings cooking class


Dumplings cooking class is a perfect introduction to the most popular Polish dish. We will prepare pierogi with meat and/or vegetarian fillings. At first, you will get to know how to knead the dough, then you will learn various techniques of folding the dumplings and discover hacks that make them really tasty. Lastly, at the end of the culinary workshop, you will enjoy a plate full of dumplings, so make sure you come to the class HUNGRY:-).

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dumplings cooking class Warsaw
pierogi culinary experience

Vegetarian and vegan options upon request. Moreover, we guarantee an individual approach to dietary requirements:-).

drinks included in this workshop:

tasting of delicious Polish fruit liqueurs or wine, beer, soft drink, tea or coffee

dumplings cooking class Warsaw
handmade dumplings

benefits of the dumplings cooking class

  • learn to make the most famous Polish dish with a private chef
  • discover the Polish dumpling making traditions
  • get detailed recipes by e-mail

In case you want to schedule a different time, feel free to contact me.

why do we love dumplings? why book a dumplings cooking class?

1. first, it is cheap – you will be surprised how little money you need to make heaps of dumplings

2. secondly, in line with zero waste philosophy: makes very good use of leftovers.

3. then, perfect for families – kids can participate in the class and invent their own designs

4. moreover, ideal for families in which people have different diets. you may make a different filling – vegetarian, vegan and meat – for everyone

5. on top of that, you can adapt the recipe ingredients to fit what products you already have at home or to what is easily accessible

6. dumplings are universal, although they are usually eaten as the main course, you can have them as a snack, a starter, you can put them in a soup and even make dumpling desserts

7. last, but not least, it is the ultimate comfort food. American scientist have proven that making and eating dumplings increases your oxytocin level and reduces your stress hormone level.

dumplings cooking class Warsaw
preparing dumplings – all handmade
dumplings making
making the fillings dumplings cooking class Warsaw
pierogi making
folding pierogi
making pierogi
pierogi culinary class Warsaw
after the workshop
dumplings cooking class Warsaw
Enjoy a tasty lunch