Warsaw’s best cooking workshop is just ideal for a bachelor party!

Type of workshop:  private

Starting time: to be agreed

Size of the group: max. 20

Duration: 2-2,5 hrs

includes: tasting and 3 bottles to take home

Difficulty level: very easy

Languages: English, French, Polish

During this Polish liqueurs masterclass you will learn how to make 3 different mouthwatering alcoholic beverages – honey with spices, lemon, and coffee. Take home three 100 ml bottles (maximum on-board allowance).  The class ends with a tasting, therefore make sure you do not come with a car:-).

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bachelor party
bachelor party

What is included in the cooking workshop – bachelor party?

  • tasting of 3 Polish liqueur variants
  • 3 bottles of self made liqueurs (100 ml each)
  • link to pictures taken during the class
  • recipes by mail
  • personalised certificate
bachelor party
bachelor party

Benefits of the bachelor party in the form of a cooking workshop

  • discover the Polish art of liqueur making
  • learn to make delicious Polish slow-food speciality
  • get a one and only souvenir – 3 bottles of handmade liqueurs
  • personalised bottle tags
  • get a personalised diploma
  • have a great time with your friends

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Nalewki – Polish liqueurs

The art of nalewki making has been known since the Middle Ages and practitioned by monks. Nowadays some Poles still produce them at home, using secret recipes passed from generation to generation. Many liqueurs take weeks or even months to mature, but some, like those, which you will make during our workshop, you can sample immediately after making. Not without scientific proof, they are commonly believed to cure illnesses and raise the spirit! You will, therefore, get a perfect remedy for most common illnesses:-). How about you book a Polish liqueurs workshop for your best friend’s bachelor party?

Discover Polish traditions connected with liqueurs

You may purchase commercial versions of nalewka everywhere nowadays, but, it goes without saying, that those homemade are far better. Nowadays some Poles still produce them at home (some of us even grow fruit specially to make liqueurs) using secret recipes passed from generation to generation. During the class I will use the recipes from the handwritten cookbook of my granny Helena.

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bachelor party
cooking classbachelor party
bachelor party

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