Looking for a cool bachelorette party in Warsaw? Italian pasta cooking class is a good illustration of a Polish proverb: “through the stomach to the heart”. Let’s find out how effective genuine Italian pasta can be in the delicate matter of LOVE! Pasta culinary workshop is a perfect way to celebrate a bachelorette party with your friends!

What does a bachelorette party (Warsaw) look like? What can you expect? You will learn how to knead dough, you will make friends with a pasta machine and you will produce several shapes of coloured pasta. You will even practice the pronunciation of the tongue twisting Italian names of the most commonly mispronounced pasta shapes.

If you prefer to book another type of class for a bachelorette party in Warsaw, we recommend:

culinary workshop bachelorette party
Culinary workshop

The Italian pasta culinary workshop ends with a delicious dinner! The menu includes red heart-shaped tortellini stuffed with vegetarian or meat filling.

cooking class bachelorette party
cooking class

The workshop can be conducted in Polish, English of French.

bachelorette party - culinary workshop
culinary class for bachelorette party

What is included in bachelorett party – the Italian pasta culinary workshop?

  • 2 hours workshop conducted by an experienced instructor
  • delicious dinner
  • a lot of extra pasta to be taken home for later, so bring an empty pizza box
  • link to pictures taken during the class – great souvenir, after all the pasta is eaten:-)
  • recipes by e-mail
  • certificate
culinary workshop bachelorette party
culinary workshop bachelorette party

Practical information:

Please, note that all classes start on time. First of all, arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start to prepare for the cooking class. Secondly, the host will greet you at the door and you will meet other participants. Then, you will wash hands and put on an apron. If necessary, we will implement additional safety measures. If, for some reason, you are going to be late, please, inform us with a text message (whatsapp available). We are not able to answer phones once the class starts.

There is no need to print out the ticket, or show your confirmation on the mobile.

Upon arriving, you will a team member will greet you. Meet our team members.

foodie experience Warsaw
foodie experience Warsaw

Security measures for bachelorett party in Warsaw

Pierogi & More is definitely a 100% safe cooking class. It fully complies to the covid-19 safety regulations. During a workshop you will be preparing and eating your OWN food. We have implemented numerous cooking class safety measures, and we strictly observe them during all corporate events.

Stringent Cleaning – Firstly, we disinfect surfaces between each cooking class for families . We encourage you to use hand sanitizer (provided).

Social Distancing – If necessary, guests will stay at a safe 6-foot/2 m distance during all points of the cooking class. Both during making and eating pasta. That is throughout the entire cooking workshop.

Other safety measures – Finally, we also ensure that the host will be wearing the PPE. Plus has had all available vaccines.

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Check up out Frequently asked questions page. You will most probably find an answer to any of the queries you might have regarding Pierogi & More classes.

check up some information about Italian pasta!

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