Polish dumplings cooking class – online

Polish dumplings cooking class is a perfect solution, if you are looking for an online culinary experience for employees or family members who are in different parts of the globe.

During the online culinary workshop you will get to know how to knead and roll the dough, then you will discover various folding techniques and hacks that make dumplings really tasty. The class ends with a tasty meal, so invite family members or friends to join:-).

Benefits of the Polish dumplings online cooking class

  • learn to make the most famous Polish dish with a private chef
  • enjoy a live interactive private dumplings cooking class
  • discover the Polish dumpling making traditions
  • get detailed recipes
  • enjoy a tasty meal

Dumplings is the most popular Polish comfort dish. Also, making dumplings is a perfect social activity, that will uplift everyone’s mood and inspire creativity. Last but not least, dumplings are quite cheap to prepare and make good use of any leftovers in your fridge:-). So, check up more about pierogi, our most famous dish.

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online dumplings cooking class
online cooking class – Polish dumplings

necessary eqipment: rolling pin, cake cutter, 2 bowls, spoons, fork, pot, cooker

Before the online cooking class I will send you all the information necessary for you to prepare the shopping list – the combinations of filling ingredients is endless and I am sure you will find something suitable in your fridge or at a nearby store. To make sure the class runs smoothly, I will be happy to discuss the preparation stages with you on skype, whatsapp or zoom 1-2 days prior to our online session, if needed.

class availability: from 8 am to 8 pm CET / duration: 2 hours / size of class: 100

cooking class polich dumplings online
fcooking class online

Click here to read more about all our classes. Or even better, contact us, if you want to find out more about the online classes that we offer. The list of available choices includes online Polish liqueur class and online gingerbread cookies baking workshop. Moreover, please, note that Pierogi & More can ship some of the ingredients and utensils to the participants!

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