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Book a gingerbread baking online class to discover the unique gingerbread traditions in Poland! Pierniczki – a spicy-sweet treat has an important place in the Polish culinary culture. Because gingerbread traditions dating back to the middle ages, Poland is one of the leading gingerbread countries in Europe. Even though they are primarily known as a Christmas cake, they are baked all year long! Consequently, decorating gingerbread cakes is a popular family fun activity in present-day Poland. Gingebread cookies baking online class will introduce you to a cake that is easy to make, has no expiry date and is simply delicious!

  • book the gingerbread baking online class to discover Polish gingerbread tradition
  • prepare your own spice mix to be used during the class and later
  • make gingerbread house decorations
  • get detailed recipes by e-mail after the class

Book a this gingerbread baking and decorating online class to learn how to bake, decorate and store „pierniczki”. I will teach you to make your own gingerbread spice mix. Then, you will find out how to turn gingerbreads into beautiful house decorations. Last but not least, at the end of the class, you find out how to gift wrap them for presents for your beloved ones.

online cooking class availability: from 8 am to 8 pm / duration: 2 hours / size of class: no limit

gingerbread baking class
gingerbread baking class

Languages: English, French, Polish. Spanish upon request.

This class is also available in the offline format. Please, check details here.

gingerbread traditions

The recipes for gingerbread remains a well-kept secret of many manufacturers. As a result, the list of ingredients and baking techniques were often passed from generation to generation and revealed by the father to the son on the deathbed. Some producers believe that the dough has to mature several months before putting it to the oven. According to the tradition, a father kneaded the dough on the day a baby girl’s baptims just to bake pierniki on her wedding day.  Book a our online class to find our more about Polish “pierniczki” traditions.