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Polish online liqueurs workshop is an ideal online event for employees or family members scattered throughout the globe.

During this Polish liqueurs online workshop you will learn to make the most popular Polish liqueurs, the instant mood booster, honey and spices liqueur (“krupnik”) as well as lemon and coffee tinctures. I will also introduce you to Polish traditions of liqueur making and you will get recipes for “nalewka” from my family cookbook.

Benefits of the Polish liqueur online workshop

  • learn to make the most famous Polish liqueurs with a private chef
  • enjoy a live step-by-step interactive private class
  • discover the Polish liqueur making traditions
  • taste tasty liqueurs at the end of the online workshop
  • detailed recipes by e-mail

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During your next visit to Poland, make sure you check up the offline version of this class. Polish liqueurs workshop.

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About Polish liqueurs:

The art of nalewki making has been known since the Middle Ages. Initially, the monks of the Benedictine order practitioned it. Nowadays some Poles still produce them at home, using secret recipes passed from generation to generation. Many of them take weeks or even months to mature, but some, like the one which you will make during our Polish liqueurs online class, are ready immediately after making.

Polish liqueurs online workshop
online cooking class – Polish liqueurs

necessary eqipment: citrus peeler, spoons, fennel, pot, cooker, bottles

Before the class I will send you all the information necessary for you for preparations. You will get the shopping list (95 or 96 % spirit, honey, spices, lemons/oranges, sugar coffee etc)

available times: from 8 am to 8 pm CET / duration: 2 hours / size of class: no limit

This liqueur workshop is also available offline. A super fun Polish liqueurs workshop end with a tasting of the three alcohol variants that you produce during this class. Moreover you take home 3 bottles of Polish liqueurs! Click here to find out more.

Polish liqueurs online workshop
foodie experience Warsaw

If you wish to find out more or book a class, contact us!

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