Polish dumplings cooking class

Why do we love pierogi?

Polish dumplings cooking class – this is where you can find an answer to that question!

Polish dumplings cooking class
Genuine Polish dumplings dinner

First of all: world’s best comfort food – book a Polish dumplings cooking class!

If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in a Polish dumplings cooking class. You have probably tried pierogi before and you might know that Polish dumplings are the most famous comfort food in Poland. Comfort meaning – no comfort for the cook, rather labour of love. and this is the first reason why this dish is so popular

Secondly, dumplings are cheap, at least the veggie version

Thirdly, dumplings have hundreds of varieties and are very universal. You can put inside whatever you like. In consequence, one can prepare a dinner for meat lovers and vegetarians at one go. Why not fill a bowl with different varieties and ask everyone to guess the ingredients for fillings? During Pierogi & More dumplings cooking class we allow everyone select his or her filling ingredients.

Polish dumplings cooking class
Polish dumplings making

Moreover, you can make a great use of left overs.

Just like pizza, pasta, ravioli, samosas, quiche lorraine and other poor people’s food!

Dumplings go as a starter, side dish, main course, snack, in a soup and as a dessert! They are therefore eaten all day long!

We eat dumplings cooked and then fried, deep fried, baked or even grilled to achieve crispy crust.

Polish dumplings cooking class
cooking class

You can easily tint the dough with artificial food colours or natural ingredients. Beetroot juice is my favourite.

It is number one Christmas Eve dinner dish in Poland: with sourkraut and dried wild mushrooms or with poppy seed or little dumplings with mushrooms in beetroot soup. The Christmas dumpling cooking class combined with tasting of other Christmas dishes is available in December. Learn more here.

Nowadays extravagant stuffing and fancy toppings to turn this simple dish into a gourmet delicacy. You can surprise your guests at home with an exquisite and rare dish.

Polish dumplings cooking class
PIEROGI cooking class

On top of that, pierogi are really easy to make. Book a Polish dumplings cooking class and find out how.

….and many more reasons to love Polish dumplings…

All these reasons contribute to the overwhelming popularity of Polish dumplings. This dish has, therefore, always been an important element of our culinary culture and traditions.

Kup Bilety!