Polish dumplings workshop

The origins of Polish dumplings

Polish dumplings workshop
Polish dumplings workshop

Polish dumplings workshop will introduce you to the Polish cooking traditions. Pierogi constitute an important part of our culinary heritage, they are very famous. However, they were not invented by the Poles! Originally the arrived to Europe from China. In other words, they stay in line with many other useful inventions. Such as paper or gunpowder. Chinese dim sum were the first out of a long list of meat or veggie filled wheat pastries known today.

Dumplings are everywhere – book a Polish dumplings workshop

Dumplings, not only Polish dumplings, have always been cheap to make almost everywhere, therefore they became a very popular poor people’s food worldwide. As a result, their popularity spread throughout the globe. Everyone knows tortellini, ravioli, chinkali, pielmieni. Many of us forget, though, they are all distant relatives of Polish pierogi. During the Polish dumplings workshop you will get to know all other dumplings variants.

Polish dumplings workshop
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Polish dumplings

The dish made its way to Polish tables in 13th century through Ruthenia, a region around Kiev. This region belonged to Poland until the beginning of WW2, but now it is a part of Ukraine. Most Poles do not need a cooking class to learn to make dumplings. Why? Because they wholeheartedly believe they were born with this skill:-). Above all, there is a grain of truth in it. Everyone who grew up in a traditional household had dumplings made by a grandmother. Consequently the tradition of pierogi making is deeply rooted in our culture. A Polish dumplings workshop is a good way to discover our culinary culture.

Accoring to a legend Saint Jack (Hyacinth) of Poland fed the poor people with pierogi. Hence, pierogi have their own saint!

“Pierogi” – the origin of the name

The word “pierogi” is already in plural, therefore, please, do not say “pierogis”, “pieróg” is for single. The name derives from: an old slovian word „pir” meaning a feast, party, merry gathering. In conclusion, one can say, a plate of dumplings is the first choice party food.

If you want to learn more, please, book our pierogi cooking workshop.

Polish dumplings workshop
Polish dumplings cooking class
Polish dumplings workshop
Genuine Polish dumplings cooking class
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